About Us

Buenos Aires International Newcomers (BAIN) Downtown is a resource for English-speaking people of all nationalities to come together and help each other make the most out of living abroad. BAIN aims to assist expats in their transition to the international lifestyle by connecting individuals, offering a forum for residents of the city to seek recommendations and network with fellow expats and organizing events and activities that build a better understanding of Argentinean culture.

BAIN was founded in 1996 by two enterprising English-speaking women.  Originally members of AIMA (Asociacion Internacional de Mujeres en Argentina), a Spanish-speaking international group, they were interested in starting an informal group of English speakers.  They each invited other English-speaking friends and met on the last Friday of the month.  The group quickly grew in size and what started in Recoleta expanded to Belgrano, Martinez and further north in the suburbs.  What was originally an informal group that met in members’ homes now needed a formal space to gather, so they met at the Hotel Emperador, and later at the ICANA language school.  Today, BAIN still meets on the last Friday of the month, but now the venue rotates between historical sites and casual restaurants.

Your BAIN Membership includes all Monthly Events, the ability to network through our Membership Directory and inclusion in our Resources page.  Whether you are a part or full-time resident of Buenos Aires, we would love to include you in our organization!  Please visit our How To Join page to find out more about becoming a member of BAIN Downtown.

There is also a BAIN Suburbs group for those who are interested primarily in events outside of Capital.  At times, these two BAIN chapters offer joint events, and many people find it helpful to join both groups!  If you are interested in joining the suburbs chapter of BAIN, you can visit the BAIN Suburbs website: http://www.bainnewcomers.com/