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Meet the BAIN Downtown Board

With BAIN Downtown, all of our members are strongly encouraged to develop new activities that appeal to them and participate in planning the recurring activities throughout the year.  If you are interested in helping with the organization of BAIN Downtown, have a question or concern about the group, or want to know more about any aspect of BAIN Downtown, contact with our Board of Directors is a great place to start!  Meet our Board!

momBonnie Ridley Kraft, Co-President
An expat from the United States (Wyoming and Oregon, for the most part) Bonnie is living in the neighborhood of Recoleta. She was President of BAIN Downtown for five years and is now Co-President.  Contact Bonnie ( if you are interested in joining BAIN Downtown or if you have questions about your membership.  She is an author who writes fiction, and as such is listed in the BAIN Downtown website under “Resources.”

TQ for BAINToni Quintana, Co-President    

Toni was born in Wyoming, lived in Eritrea, Bavaria, Paris, Arizona, Indiana, Georgia, New York, Massachusetts, Los Angeles, and is now settled in the Buenos Aires barrio of Almagro with her Argentine husband.  A recently retired business development executive, Toni is re-experiencing the joys of language acquisition – teaching English and “perfecting” her Spanish (long way to go on that one!).   Theater, contemporary fiction, wine tasting, and eating well are particular interests.   Contact her at for social media questions, contributions to the website, or any other schemes and plans.

Walcott Hamilton, Treasurer
Walcott is a Norteamericano expat living with his Argentine wife Shula in Villa Crespo. Both are enjoying their retirement in Buenos Aires having come from Atlanta Georgia in 2005. He joined BAIN in mid 2009 and was invited to join the BAIN Board in mid 2011. Walcott keeps track of the finances and produces the membership directory displayed on the website. Contact Walcott for changes such as telephone number, email or other member directory information.


Silvia Portelanza, Overall Activity Coordinator
Silvia Portelanza
Silvia is originally from Guayaquil, Ecuador and has also lived in Chile and Mexico.  In Argentina she worked for several years in Iguazu – the land of the waterfalls.   She is a language teacher, concentrating on teaching English to hotel staffs, Argentinean bank executives, and coordinating Spanish and English immersion programs.  Silvia has done some Spanish teaching, and is always happy to provide references in that field.  Dancing is one of the great joys of her life as are other cultural possibilities that this beautiful city offers.  For information about forthcoming events and to volunteer as a host or guide, contact Silvia at

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