August Monthly Lunch at Brut Nature

Location: Brut Nature, Pena 2066 (between Junin and Ayacucho)
Time: 12:30 pm
Date: Thursday, August 30
Price: 75 or 100 pesos (correct change appreciated)
In the restaurant business it is an axiom that good restaurants last about three years. I am sure we all know many places that have come and gone within that time frame.
Our destination for Thursday, August 30, breaks the mold and is probably the best restaurant you have never heard of.
Gustavo and his head chef started this family business almost 20 years ago – in fact, this coming March is their 20th anniversary. One of the comments from Guiaoleo sums up my thoughts on this place – “Great place, frequented by regulars from the neighborhood. Run by the owners, in a spacious house, the dishes are very rich, and the accompanying environment without glare. Absolutely recommended.” Another comment from Trip Advisor  “The first night we had the pepper steak and it was delicious. It was probably our best meal in BA.”
Many of the dishes on the menu are named for the loyal customers who have dined here during the past 20 years!
Our lunch menu for Thursday is:
        Plato Principal (choose one)
Mini Bife de Chorizo Con Papas Fritas
Risotto de Verduras Azafranado
Pollo a la Crema de Ajo Con Puré
       Postre (choose one)/ o cafe
– Helado de Crema Americano con Frutos Rojos
– Ensalada de Frutas Frescas
Our price for the meal with water, soft drink or wine (including tip) is: 75 pesos.
I have asked that Gustavo make available their signature dish (my favorite) for an additional cost – the dish, of course, is the lomo pimiento with creamed potatoes. If you order this it will include both water and wine for 100 pesos.
Reservations are a must – RSVP to
When replying I would appreciate an idea of what you plan to order, this is just to give the restaurant a “heads up” so that nobody is disappointed. You can always change your mind when you arrive.
I look forward to seeing everyone:

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