September Book Club

To all our reading friends,


This month’s book choice is:

Rumors of Rain: A Novel of Corruption and Redemption

Author: Andre Brink

Date: Thursday, September 20, 11:00 – 1:00pm

Location: Recoleta
Please RSVP to to receive the exact address


Here is what Amazon’s Book Description has to say:

Martin Mynhardt seems invincible. Violence surrounds him, yet he remains unscathed: a woman asks him the time, then leaps in front of a train; after a mine riot, he watches hoses sweep scattered body parts off the floor.
Just before the shocking violence that brings South African apartheid to an end, Martin decides to return to the family farm for a weekend. A highly successful businessman and Afrikaans Nationalist, he hopes to sell the property to the government in a deal both highly profitable and corrupt. The moment he steps onto the farm, his plans are derailed. The repercussions of a society’s endemic violence catch up to him, and shake the relationships that frame his life.


I hope this book will also bring some insight into the political and social landscape of South Africa!



The Book Club Organizers


*This event is restricted to current BAIN members only, if you are interested in joining BAIN Downtown, fill out our Membership Sign-Up Form to start the process!

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