September’s Monthly Lunch

Il Vero Arturito

San Luis 2999, Abasto , CABA

Tel: 4961-4280

The good news is that the owner of one of my favorite restaurants has agreed to let us dine at her restaurant this Thursday September 27th. This is no small concession as the venue is packed to overflowing every day and she does not want to disappoint her regular customers by not having a table available.

The bad news is that we will be limited to two tables of 10 each – so act quickly if you want to attend.

Il Vero Arturito’s  is “… in the pantheon of great restaurants in town, one of those endangered places that we like …”.  “Arturito …  has no competition and things are simple … nothing new-wave… here you eat well and traditional!” The dining is “family” style with platters of food being delivered to share. Although the guides list the restaurant as Italian the specialty of the house is Kid (baby goat) and this is the dish that will be featured for our September luncheon – the Chivito Provenzal with papas espanol.

However, the pasta (all homemade) is not to be overlooked and, in fact, I can say without hesitation that their Vermichellis Carbonara is the best that I have ever had – and you know that I am pretty picky! – this dish will also be on our table. The third dish on the table will be a red sauce pasta – the Fusilli Fileto.

This traditional neighborhood restaurant is a slice of history, linen napkins and tablecloths, a staff of professional  attentive waiters and a great menu.

The following quote sums up my feelings:  “Excellent, I go quite often and love it. The service is perfect and the food is plentiful and tasty. “

The full menu for our luncheon is:

A welcoming empanada, chivito and pasta dishes to share, water, wine and a champagne toast to finish off.

The cost including tip is 100 pesos.

RSVP is mandatory to:

The restaurant is on the corner of San Luis and Jean Juares. If you are taking the bus it is a 3 block walk from Puerrrydon and San Luis or a 1 block walk from Cordoba and Jean Juares.

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