October Book Exchange

Join Us at the BAIN Book Exchange

Date: Monday, October 15, 11:00am

Place: Palermo Viejo *contact Danielle Gold at dgold@counselingba.com for address upon RSVP

You may be aware that in August the book exchange moved to its new location
in Palermo Viejo, and made some format changes aimed at improving the
quality of reading material and fostering interesting conversations about our
books and more.

Please join us by bringing 1 or 2 really interesting books to lend or give away in
exchange for someone else’s great book. You don’t necessarily have to part
with your book, you can loan it to another BAIN member who will be held
accountable to return it. We want our book exchange to offer participants an
opportunity to access high quality reading material in English, which can be hard
to find and expensive to buy in BA. Please don’t bring books you would like to
get rid of. Instead, bring the book you would like your best friend to read.

Light refreshments & good conversation will be served

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