October Monthly Luncheon

BAIN October Luncheon – Korean Food at Bi Won
Place: Bi Won Korean restaurant – phone # 4372-1146
Time: Thursday, October 25 at 1:00 pm
Location: Junín 548, entre Lavalle y Tucumán
Once, Buenos Aires, Argentina
The cost of the meal (including tip) is 100 pesos and includes water (con or sin gas), and all the beer you can drink!
Wine, coffee or other extras will be additional and charged separately – the owner will discount the wine prices on the menu by 10% for us.
Please RSVP to Michael Weldon: mweldon213@yahoo.com

This month we are going to take a fun trip through the mainstays of Korean food. We will sample the three main types of Korean cuisine – Cheyuk Gogui, Bibim Bap and the famous Yache Twiguim. These main courses will be accompanied by at least 7 different small dishes, the ever present Kimchi and other treats depending on the day’s market. These small dishes are the part of the meal that is the “fun” – you never know what will show up. Indeed, even when you see the dishes you will probably not be able to identify them by sight, only by taste – maybe.

Cheyuk Gogui is barbequed pork prepared and grilled with traditional Korean flavoring and seasonings. Bibim Bap (one of my favorite dishes here) is a rice dish served with an assorted mixture of seasoned vegetables, cooked meat, fried egg, sesame oil, etc. etc. Our third dish (vegetarian) is best described as vegetable tempura, Korean style. There are no choices to be made, simply come and enjoy. Everything will be served family style and the small plates will be re-filled as needed.
For those not familiar with Korean food I suggest you use the following link to a good write-up: www.koreanfood.about.com/od/ koreanfoodbasics/a/Korean101.htm
Here are a few excerpts from the Trip Advisor’s restaurant section reviews:
“Excellent choice all round and we loved everything we ate…. the quality is excellent and on a par with the best Korean food in America or Seoul. Seems incredible here in BA, but absolutely true.” “This place by far has been the tastiest meal since we’ve been here. It is totally authentic and on par with any great Korean restaurant in San Francisco and Los Angeles!” “Bi Won stands out as a breath of fresh asian air.” “…. vale la pena completamente.”
Bi Won is hidden away in Congresso on the very edge of Once. It is about three blocks away from the famous Water Company building on Córdoba. The address is Junín 548, there is no sign so just look for the address number on Junín between Lavalle and Tucumán.
The Morning Coffee is yet another opportunity to purchase your End of Year Party tickets! Bring your pesos – AR$100 for BAIN members, AR$200 for guests.

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