April Monthly Luncheon

I hope some of you have taken advantage of the BA Food Week with the lunches for 99 pesos at some
very nice restaurants. 
So, for our April lunch we are going to do better on the price and I believe you will agree with me that
the quality of the food will be great also.
We will dine at a typical Porteno restaurant, conveniently located in Retiro.
This month we will change the logistics a little. I did not want to pick a set menu and price because there are
too many options to consider – so the entire menu will be available.
I will collect 20 pesos from you when you arrive and this will cover the tip and water (con or sin gas).
My three favorite dishes are the Bondiola de cerdo, the Venetian style liver and the Baby back ribs!
Date: Thursday, April 25
Time:  12:30
Cost:  20 pesos plus actual prices from the menu
Please e-mail to reserve a spot with Michael: mweldon213@yahoo.com.  If you are new to BAIN, or would like to join as a guest, let Michael know so that he can provide you with the exact address and location.

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