May Monthly Luncheon

Our May luncheon will be at a Peruvian restaurant that has only been open for two months and is delivering great food with reasonable pricing. 

The restaurant is conveniently located about one block away from the Tribunales Subte stop on the D line – close to the main court house. A favorite dish is the Seco de Cordero and the ceviche dishes are also very good. The menu is quite extensive so I am sure you will find something to your liking.

Upon arrival I will collect 25 pesos which pays for your cover charge, tip and non-alcoholic beverage. The balance can be given to me before you leave. 

Date: Thursday, May 30

Time: 12:30 pm

Cost: 25 pesos plus actual food and alcohol (if any) costs per menu.


Please e-mail to reserve a spot with Michael:  If you are new to BAIN, or would like to join as a guest, let Michael know so that he can provide you with the exact address and location.

2 thoughts on “May Monthly Luncheon

  1. Hi Walter, The 25 pesos will cover the cubierto (cover charge), tip and non-alcoholic beverage.


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