September 11 — Monthly Luncheon

Where:  Agraz Restaurant
Address:  Posadas 1232
Time:  1 pm
Phone 4819-1100
 The 2014 edition of  BAFoodweek is too good for us to pass up. With 42 top end restaurants offering lunch and dinner specials we are going to take advantage of the opportunity.
Consequently I have booked our group at Agraz which is the signature restaurant of the Caesar Park Hotel in Recoleta. Billed as International, the restaurant specializes in modern Argentine cuisine. The following link will show you the menu:
Food week will run for the first two weeks in September and I can recommend two other choices for lunch. These are Marieta and Sivela 465.
The cost for our lunch is 155 pesos and as usual, correct change will be appreciated. Please note that the cost does not include any beverage (other than a complimentary welcome cocktail). I am asking the staff to provide pitchers oragua ordinaire for the table.
Date and time: Thursday 11/Sep 13:00 hs

RSVP to:

                Or:  4815 4660


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