Luncheon – Tuesday November 18 at 12.30

Remember, the BAIN End of Year Party is Thursday, November 20. You can purchase your tickets at this luncheon. Members = AR$200; Guests = AR$350.


Hello all,

If you have never heard of El Buladero I am not surprised. It has only been open for about two years, however, its background is amazing. Years ago three brothers from the Argentine Provinces decided to come to Buenos Aires to make their fortunes in the restaurant business. They are certainly doing something right! Today they own 15 restaurants and among them are Fervor and Sotte Voce – both incredible venues. Their most recent restaurant is Spanish – El Buladero. All three brothers love to cook and Tomas is currently heading this restaurant’s kitchen. The decor is exceptional with Spanish flags, bullfighting posters and Picasso etchings of bulls.

With the month fairly full of events I am doing the luncheon this month on Tuesday November the 18th. We have a special treat in store. We will start with an aperitif of draft Cider or beer followed by a three course lunch menu. The first and second courses will both be accompanied by wine. In fact by either the Nicasia Blanc de Blanc or their Malbec. Each of the courses offers three options. I have attached a sample menu but the selections may differ slightly.

Please note that the menu does not include water or coffee. If you order either it will be an additional 30 pesos per.

Our price will be 170 pesos which is only slightly more than the cost of two glasses of wine!

Date: Tuesday, November 18
Time: 12:30 pm
Place: EL BURLADERO J. E. Uriburu 1488 – esq Pena
Cost: 170 pesos (includes tip) as usual correct change will be appreciated

Please RSVP to me to secure a place. Do not reply to this e-mail as it will go to BAIN, but rather send the reply to my address below.

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