Monthly Luncheon – Thursday, October 22 at 12.30

You can obtain your tickets for the November 19 End of Year party at this luncheon. Members: AR$300 if purchased by October 31, AR$400 if purchased after October 31. Non-members, AR$500.

Hello lunch crowd,
All Tequilas are Mezcals but not all Mezcals are Tequilas. The distilled spirit from any of the numerous types of agave plants is called Mezcal; only if it is produced from the blue agave is it Tequila. A growing trend in Mexico, especially in Jalisco and Oaxaca, is a nostalgic return to the old ways. For the younger crowd this means drinking Mezcal, not Tequila! The highly cultivated blue agave has lost much of its flavor over the last 50 years. Tasting a few different Mezcals from less common agave varietals will quickly confirm this.

On Thursday, October 22, you can check this out for yourself at the newly opened Mexican restaurant in Palermo aptly named MEZCAL. They have a dozen varieties of Mezcal available. Some of the agave varietals have the same hallucinogenic properties as the infamous peyote cactus – so beware.

We will be dining upstairs with a view over the park. There will be chips and salsa on our tables as well as ‘agua comune’ – tap water. If you order tacos or a burrito the cost is 100 pesos, adding a beer increases it to 150 pesos and a margarita instead of a beer brings it to 200 pesos (tip included). There are many other choices on the menu priced up to 220 pesos each and the Mezcal shots are anywhere from 80 – 200 pesos. My favorite so far (I haven’t tried them all yet) is the La Union at 86 pesos. The burritos are my favorite dish, even though they are different from the traditional burrito, they are excellent.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone.

Place: Mezcal
Time: Thursday, October 22 at 12:30 pm
Location: Costa Rica 4512, Palermo, esq. Malabia
Cost: 100 – 200 pesos depending on choice (tip included)
Please RSVP to Michael Weldon at or 4815-4660

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