Monthly Luncheon — Thursday, April 21

Please RSVP to Michael Weldon at or 4815-4660

Place:  Sivela 465

Time: Thursday, April 21 at 12:30 pm

Location: Av. Pte. Manuel Quintana 465 – near Callao

Cost: 295 pesos (includes water, wine and tip)

On April 21 we will have lunch at Sivela. The most important reason that Sivela is Michael’s choice is the value proposition. The Foodweek lunch special pricing is 220 pesos not including beverage or tip. Our price for lunch at Sivela includes wine, water and tip. At 295 pesos that is what Michael calls a good value, especially since the restaurant prices water at 35 pesos and a glass of wine at 59 pesos.

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