August Luncheon — August 25, 12:30, Domani

Please RSVP to Michael Weldon at

Join us at Domani.  A reasonably priced Italian restaurant with excellent food in Palermo Chico.  If you are new to Buenos Aires this would be a great opportunity to bring a friend to lunch and spend an afternoon at the Malba.

The 130 peso cost is for the two lower priced menus.  Higher priced choices are available.
Cloth napkins, a wonderful bread basket, a great main course selection, dessert and a glass of wine if you wish, all for 130 pesos – UN-believable!
Thursday, August 25 at 12:30 pm
Salguero 3002, esq. Castex (Palermo Chico)

130 pesos (includes dessert, beverage and tip)

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