May Ladies’ Night Out — May 17, 8 pm

 Please RSVP to
Cell:  +549-1130733039

Hello BAIN ladies!
Please join us for this month’s Ladies Night Out.  It will be really special. This time we will discover an exclusive place in Recoleta. Presidente Bar just opened 2 months ago and it has a spectacular cocktail menu with a local twist. They buy organic products from small entrepreneurs to add a regional touch to their 24 original recipes. They include ingredients such as Huacatay from Jujuy, Centolla from Ushuaia, Patagonian honey and fruit from Misiones (home of the Iguazu Falls). It will be an amazing night with the #drinkteam (as they call themselves).

The special includes two drinks (original cocktails or wine) and finger food, a bit pricey.  It’s worth it.
And for those who decide to stay and have a nightcap, we have a hidden gem ready to welcome you…
Check the link and get ready!

There will be lively conversation and time with girlfriends!

First time?  Don’t be shy.  We are waiting to welcome you.

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017
Address: Presidente Bar. Av. Pres. Manuel Quintana 188
Dress code: elegant sport
Time: 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm
BAIN members: AR$ 550 (change will be appreciated)
BAIN non-members: AR$ 610

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