Museum Tour and/or Lunch, October 2, in San Telmo


When: Tuesday, October 2, 11:45 am

Where: San Telmo

What: Museum tour in English & Indian restaurant for lunch

MUSEUM: El Zanjon, San Telmo

Tour meeting time and place: 11:45 am, Defensa 755

Cost: 400 pesos without DNI, 200 pesos with DNI

El Zanjon is a beautifully restored tenement house from the late 1800’s with a network of tunnels underneath

LUNCH: Delhi Masala

Lunch meeting time and Place: 13:00, Defensa 714

Cost: 440 pesos cash. Exact change is appreciated.

Tip, appetizer, rice, naan (butter or garlic), 1 main dish from a choice of 4, 1 drink (water, wine, gaseosa) and a choice of either dessert or tea included. Each person can specify mild or spicy as they wish.


RSVP: to Joanna Graf, or 11 5629 6908

by September 30 and specify whether museum, lunch or both.


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