Zoom Tour — Calle Florida — Saturday, November 21 6 pm

Florida street 
-where to go and what to see-virtual tour
Join us for this virtual tour to the iconic Florida Street, the most famous pedestrian mall in Buenos Aires

We will learn about the history of the street and the different places we can visit and even pay attention to venues that might pass unnoticed to a quick eye. Florida St can be a very busy street during the weekdays or an easy-to-walk way in Buenos Aires on a Sunday morning with a lot to offer to locals and tourists.

Presentation mode: The presentation will be given via Zoom where the participants will be asked to keep their microphones off during the presentation. Questions can be written in the chat section of the app and they will be read and answered at the end of the presentation by the speaker, orally. 
Cancellation policy: no refunds will apply after signing up and paying so make sure you can make it before signing up. No exceptions, please. In the event that you miss the presentation for any reason (including technical problems on your end) the speaker will be happy to share a video of the presentation with you.

date: Saturday, 21st, November 2020time: 6 p.m. Buenos Aires time
cost: 550 pesos per person
payment: Via bank transfer or MercadoPagotype of course: online presentation via Zoom
duration: 1.5 hours
language: English
information/sign up: please contact  ezequielcerioni@gmail.com

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