Zoom Monthly Social — January 29 at 9 pm Buenos Aires Time

Presentation by Celia Criseo — Cordoba’s Beauty

Join BAIN Downtown for our month end social.  Let’s travel to Cordoba with BAIN Member Celia Criseo.  Celia will show us her inside view of the Province of Cordoba. It is a province in the center of Argentina. Its climate and landscape of mountains and foothills will draw you in.

Cordoba has been known for its history since the times of the Jesuits  The capital city and surrounding countryside are filled with landmarks.

Zoom meeting details:  RSVP to tonilin@aol.com for the meeting ID and password.  Same as last month and the month before and the month before and …

Topic: BAIN Downtown Monthly Meeting on Zoom
Time: January 29, 9:00 PM Buenos Aires Time


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