Get Together — September 15 — 7 pm — Croque Madame, Circulo Italiano


Event:  No Host Drink and/or Dinner?

Time: Wednesday, 7 pm, BA time

if you can/want to meet at the Croque Madame, Circulo Italiano, on Wednesday, September 15, at 7 pm, we can share a drink and snack!  Followed by dinner there, if that’s your choice.
Address:  Croque Madame, Circulo Italiano, Libertad 1264.
We will be observing all the protocols — outside, social distance, etc.  This is a no host event.  A chance to catch up.
Let us know whether you will be there for a drink at 7 or dinner at 8 or both.  Please RSVP to by Monday morning so we can reserve enough space for all of us. 


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