Luncheons are back!!! March 22, 2022 — 12:30

We have all missed the monthly lunches, suspended due to the pandemic. But now that summer is here, and there are plenty of open air spaces to sit and enjoy our meal, let’s have lunch together at a great place — a historic building that has recently been converted.  No reservations needed – just show up. We will meet in the lobby on March 22 at 12.30pm, find a table for us all, and then we go to pick up our own food from the multiple eateries available. Good coffee and wine too! Everyone chooses and pays for their own meal, but we can always enjoy a bottle of wine together if we like!

Place: Mercado de los Carruajes

Date and Time: March 22, 12:30 pm


Looking forward to enjoying this together! Buen provecho!

Questions?  Contact

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