End of Month Social — Friday, August 26, 6 pm — Recoleta Grand Hotel

Let’s get together like old times!  Let’s get together and make plans for the new times! 

We will meet and mingle at the Recoleta Grand Hotel.  New members (and there are quite a few) and known faces will share stories of the city, travel,  Lovely picada.  The hotel offers 2×1 drinks.  

RSVP to bain.downtown@gmail.com as soon as possible so we can reserve the space.  

Members — AR$ 1000

Guests —  AR$ 2000

Yearly dues — AR$ 3000


  • Recoleta Grand Hotel
  • Las Heras 1745
  • Recoleta


  • 6 to 9 pm
  • Friday
  • August 26

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