Looking for a Healthy Lifestyle? Call the Buenos Aires Life Centre!

Meet Jennifer Klueppel, owner of Buenos Aires Life Centre.  Jennifer wants to help you find centeredness.

Jennifer has lived in various cities throughout western Canada. This is her first time living outside of Canada and now she has been living in Buenos Aires for the last 3 years. She has traveled throughout South America, Europe, and North America.

Jennifer started the Buenos Aires Life Centre with Dina Samelis of Happy Sun Yoga. We wanted to create a community space of well being. We offer massage therapy, thai massage, reiki, yoga, pilates, and wholistic health counseling. She found it quite tricky to find work when she first arrived in Buenos Aires. Though she had always thought about starting my own business, moving to Buenos Aires made it seem like the perfect time to get started. After meeting with Dina they decided to join forces and combine a massage business with a yoga business.

We believe that everyone can get a healthy body, mind, soul and heart through balanced life choices. Follow a program of exercises and good nutrition that not only feeds your body but will manifest in a deeper level of well-being and allow you to grow more fully into your True Self.

We are happy to announce that the Buenos Aires Life Centre is now operating in Barrio Norte, French 2647, 5e.

Are you on Facebook?  Visit us at Buenos Aires Life Centre.

**For a chance to win a FREE one hour massage – buy your tickets to the BAIN End of Year Party – Jennifer has graciously donated an hour long massage to the raffle!