October Monthly Dinner

This month’s BAIN dinner will be held on Wednesday, October 17 at “Mundano.”

Mundano is a beautiful restaurant that has live music most weekend nights.  It has an inviting outdoor patio area (covered, in case of rain!) where those who wish to do so can enjoy a glass of wine at 8:30 or so.  Event organizer Jim Isaacs has arranged to have Pianist Luciano Pletener come for part of the evening; Luciano plays show tunes, popular music, and tango.  Dinner will be at 9 p.m., inside.

Here are the details:

Time: Wednesday October 17, 2012 (start time: 8:30 p.m. in the patio; dinner 9 p.m.)

Location: Mundano, Corner of Malabia 1401 (corner of Cabrera) in Palermo.

Cost: 125 pesos per person, inclusive of everything (a three course meal, a glass of wine, one gaseosa or water, service/table charge and tip).

RSVP by Tuesday night to Jim Isaacs at jisaacs61@hotmail.com

Finally, the menu:

First course (pre-selected to keep the evening on schedule, Jim pledges that this will NOT be a late night event)

Mundano Salad (greens, tomato, capers, artichoke, mushrooms and Parmesan cheese, with a light pesto type dressing)

Second course:

Pacu (fish) seasoned with lemon, with potato
Pork tenderloin
Trout wrapped in bacon, spinach tortilla and tomato cream sauce
Dark (black) risotto with shrimp and red caviar
Wok sauteed seasonal fresh vegetables over greens


Apple tart with “american” (vanilla) ice cream
Kiwi soup
Chocolate volcano with red fruit and ice cream

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