BAIN Dinner, May 5, 2016

Please send your RSVP to Jorge Jakimczuk  at   

Let´s get together for dinner!

Restaurant:   La Molina

Location: Gorriti  5806, Palermo

Date and Time:  Thursday, May 5, 8 pm

La Molina offers a multifaceted menu with a  large variety of international food  prepared by a family team,  Cesar  (father) Cesar  (son)  Amparo (mother).

The approximate cost  is 300 pesos depending on what you order (wine included,  not tip). There is a discount of 20% with the Club La Nación Card.


Monthly Dinner — July 8, 2014

This month’s BAIN dinner will be on Tuesday, July 8th.  The event will be organized by Dilya Austin, our new Dinner Coordinator!The event will be in Palermo.  Here are the details:Time: 9.00 p.m.  (the following day, July 9th is a holiday- Independence Day in Argentina)
Place: 4141 Restaurante, Honduras 4141, Palermo
Cost: $ 230 per person, inclusive of a three-course meal, two glasses of wine, soft drinks and water, cubierto and tip.RSVP to Dilya,

First course (this will be served fairly quickly as we have chosen two options to share)
Prosciutto and pear on top of arugula leaves
Hummus with Tzatziki sauce

Main Course, one of these options:
Brisket of beef  with a salad
Squash ravioli with Blue cheese cream
Pork Shoulder and pineapple with mashed potatos  (a favorite of almost all who have tried it at 4141)

Dessert, one of these options
Chocolate mousse
Fruit salad

October Dinner

For October’s BAIN dinner restaurant Teresa has carefully chosen:

A NOS AMOURS, un bistro Francés en Argentina

located in a non-touristy section of Palermo

Gorriti 4488, esquina Araoz

(1 block off Scalabrini Ortiz Av.)

Date:      Tuesday, October 15

Time:      8:30 pm


This quaint restaurant offers only a few daily specials, written on one large portable chalk board. Another larger chalkboard mounted on the wall,  alongside lovely photographs, displays the well thought-out wine list, filled with hand picked organic wines.  On each table, books of French poetry aid in making the bistro extra classy and extra French.

By popular demand following last month’s BAIN dining experience, dinner will be a la carte with individual checks so each guest may choose their own menu.

Cubierto          $10

Entrees           from $55 to $69

First courses  from $85 to $98

Desserts         $34

Water (to share) 1.5 ltr $22

Wines              from $70 to $110


September Monthly Dinner


Though it’s further from our usual locations, this is a special restaurant in Buenos Aires you’ll be glad you got to know. You go through a garden to get to the restaurant.  It’s got a “je ne sais quoi” worth remembering.

Address: Ramallo 2626, entre Av. San Isidro y Vidal, Saavedra (1 block from Cabildo and 3 blocks from Puente Saavedra)

Date: Thursday, September 12th

Time: 8:30 pm

Price:  AR$160 a person which includes first course (2 options), main course (3 options), dessert (2 options) and one drink (1 soft drink or 1 water or 1 porron de cerveza or 1 glass of wine)

Please R.S.V.P. to Teresa Ezcurra at

Menu options:

First course options:

  • Milanesitas de muzzarella con mix de verdes y croutons.
  • Pinchos de pollo con verdes y mayonesa de albahaca.

Main course options:

  • CARNE — Ragout de ternera con ñoquisitos de espinaca
  • PESCADO — Crocante de lenguado y papa con colchon de wok de vegetales
  • VEGETARIANO — Lasagna de calabaza, espinaca y queso con salsa de tomates

Dessert options:

  • Tarta tibia de manzana y canela con helado de Crema Americana
  • Mousse de chocolate con helado de maracuya

Drink options:

  • Un agua
  • Una gaseosa
  • Una copa de vino
  • Un porrón de cerveza

July Monthly Dinner

BAIN Monthly Dinner

La Casa Polaca: Jorge Luis Borges 2076, Palermo

Wednesday, July 10th, 8.30pm

Enjoy some delicious comfort food to warm you through the Buenos Aires Winter

Fixed Menu
Fiambres tipicos y Placki (bunuelos de papa)

Pierogi – Pasta rellena de queso blanco y papa, con chicharrones de panceta y cebolla  a la crema

Golabki – Ninos envueltos en hojas de repollo, con relleno de carne vacuna, arroz y cebolla en salsa de tomate y hongas a la crema

Goulash – Carne vacuna guisada a la paprika con crema de leche y papas natural

Sernik – tarta de queso en salsa de frambuesas

Vinos Finca El portillo
(1/2 bottle per person included)
Agua mineral, gaseosas
Cafe o Te

Total Cost $160 including tip (cash only)


Trip Advisor:

*This event is limited to BAIN Downtown members only.  If you are interested in joining BAIN Downtown, please email

April Monthly Dinner

This month’s BAIN dinner will be on Tuesday, April 9.  The event is being organized by Jim Isaacs.  Jim reports:

The event will feature Basque food, which heavily emphasizes seafood.

The Basque independence movement in Spain and to some degree France draws the world’s eyes, but the Basque people have a very strong presence in Argentina and Chile, too.  By many estimates there are more people of Basque decent in Argentina than all of Europe, and there is a strong Basque community in Buenos Aires.  Five presidents of Argentina are reported to have been of at least partial Basque descent, including Urquiza, both Uriburus, and Yrigoyen.  Eva Peron and Che Guevera had Basque blood, too.

We will meet and dine at the excellent Restaurant Vasco Frances, located in the Basque cultural center, at 1370 Moreno (between Santiago del Estero and San Jose, in the Congresso nieighborhood).


Here are the details:

Time: Tuesday April 9, 2013 at 9 p.m.

Place: Restaurant Vasco Frances (main dining hall of the Basque cultural center) 1370 Moreno.  Parking will be validated for 2 hours; let me know if you are driving and I will get specifics to you.

Cost: $ 175 per person, inclusive of three course meal, one glass of wine (likely to be augmented), one water or soda, cubierto and tip.

RSVP to Jim Isaacs at   Space is limited/first-RSVP first served. 

March Monthly Dinner

This month’s BAIN dinner will be on Tuesday, March 26.  The event is being organized by Jim Isaacs, our part-time dinner Chairman.

The event will be at restaurante 4141 in Palermo.  4141 has been very highly rated, and was well liked by the BAIN dinner group in a May, 2012 visit.   [So, you might ask: why return to a place where some of us have already eaten, when Buenos Aires has hundreds of excellent options?  Because Jim is still in the United States today, and is organizing this from a distance.  That means working with a restaurant manager he knows!]


Here are the details:

Time: Tuesday March 26, 2013, at 8:45 p.m.

Place: 4141 Restaurante, located at Honduras 4141 (hence the name 4141; this is about 1/2 block from Gascón, in Palermo Viejo).

Cost: $ 150 per person, inclusive of three course meal, one glass of wine (which will probably be augmented without cost), one water or soda, cubierto and tip.

RSVP to Jim Isaacs at

Finally, the menu:

First course (this will be served fairly close to 9 p.m., so that those who need to be at work the next day will not be out too late)

Tomato Soup
Pear, prosciutto and rucula salad

Main Course:

Brisket of beef (a favorite of almost all who have tried it at 4141) with choice of side dishes
Nut and ricotta cheese ravioli
Moroccan chicken


Flan with port sauce
Ice Cream Soda with apples, fennel and parsley (yup, they mean it, and it is good)

February Monthly Dinner

For this next monthly dinner we are going to try something different, and head to a puerta cerrada!  El Tejano is a Southwest style restaurant that makes 2 varieties of their own hot sauce and specializes in brisket.  I hope there are others that have missed some good ol’ southern cooking!

Here are the details:

Friday, February 1, 2013


$200 pesos per person (includes dinner, water and iced tea and tip)

The Palermo Neighborhood
Anyone who is interested in attending must RSVP to, the exact address of the event will be sent to those who RSVP on January 31st.  There are only 26 seats available so send your RSVP soon!

There is a cash bar available with the following drinks and related prices:
Malbec/ Cab 750ml  60.00 pesos
Copa de Vino 20.00 pesos

Fernet Cola 20.00 peso
Coca cola 330ml 10.00 peso
Stella Artois 30.00 peso

And the dinner menu:

Hotsauces/ Salsas & Chips

Primer Plato:
Brisket (Tapa de Asado ahumado)
Baked Potato w/ Stuffings (Papa plomo c/ guarniciones)
Coleslaw (ensalada de zanahoria, repollo blanco y colorado c/ mayo)

Segundo Plato:
Pork Ribs (Pechito de Cerdo a la leña)
Sweet Corn (choclo dulce)

*Always on the table (siempre sobre la mesa)*
Pickles & Onions (pepinos y cebolla)
Cornbread (Pan de Maiz)
Y un montón de Salsa BBQ

*Water & Ice Tea served free all night*
(Agua y Té gratis toda la noche)

Brownies (by Sugar & Spice)

November Monthly Dinner

This month’s BAIN dinner will be held on Monday, November 19 at “La Gauchita.”

Time: Monday, November 19 (start time: 8:30 p.m. by the bar at the very back of the restaurant; dinner 9 or 9:15 p.m.)

Location: Lafinur 3275 (between Cerviño and Segui) in Palermo Botanico.
La Gauchita is a good parrilla with an excellent salad bar.   It has a very nice private dining area with attached bar that we will use.   Please come at 8:30 p.m. for a glass of wine; dinner will be at 9 p.m. or so.  The first course is a “build your own salad” so the event should not last past 11 p.m., for those with babysitting or early morning work issues.

Cost: 125 pesos per person, inclusive of a three course meal, a glass of wine, one gaseosa or water, service/table charge and tip.

RSVP by Sunday night, November 18 to Jim Isaacs at

Tentative Menu:
First course: all you can heap on one plate salad bar (typically including appetizers, greens, various vegetables, beans, and other goodies).

Second course:

Being worked out (event organizer Jim Isaacs arrived from the US yesterday).  But there will be beef, chicken or fish and vegetarian options, with the option to switch to various items that used to be part of a cow or pig.


That is being worked out, too!

October Monthly Dinner

This month’s BAIN dinner will be held on Wednesday, October 17 at “Mundano.”

Mundano is a beautiful restaurant that has live music most weekend nights.  It has an inviting outdoor patio area (covered, in case of rain!) where those who wish to do so can enjoy a glass of wine at 8:30 or so.  Event organizer Jim Isaacs has arranged to have Pianist Luciano Pletener come for part of the evening; Luciano plays show tunes, popular music, and tango.  Dinner will be at 9 p.m., inside.

Here are the details:

Time: Wednesday October 17, 2012 (start time: 8:30 p.m. in the patio; dinner 9 p.m.)

Location: Mundano, Corner of Malabia 1401 (corner of Cabrera) in Palermo.

Cost: 125 pesos per person, inclusive of everything (a three course meal, a glass of wine, one gaseosa or water, service/table charge and tip).

RSVP by Tuesday night to Jim Isaacs at

Finally, the menu:

First course (pre-selected to keep the evening on schedule, Jim pledges that this will NOT be a late night event)

Mundano Salad (greens, tomato, capers, artichoke, mushrooms and Parmesan cheese, with a light pesto type dressing)

Second course:

Pacu (fish) seasoned with lemon, with potato
Pork tenderloin
Trout wrapped in bacon, spinach tortilla and tomato cream sauce
Dark (black) risotto with shrimp and red caviar
Wok sauteed seasonal fresh vegetables over greens


Apple tart with “american” (vanilla) ice cream
Kiwi soup
Chocolate volcano with red fruit and ice cream