New Novel by Bonnie Ridley Kraft

Author Bonnie Ridley Kraft

announces the release of a new novel

To Hold a Rainbow

book number three in the World Designs Ltd. Series

At the Three Frontiers area, where Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay come together in the dense rain forest, smuggling is rife. Drug lord Ramón Subizar is planning a major drug push on Christmas Eve at the borders. But the Gendarmería Nacional of Argentina intend to crash Subizar’s party. Add to the brew a volatile horse called Don Diego, a Buell motorcycle, a gypsy aeroplane pilot, and the drug lord with his new product of opium, and there is guaranteed to be an explosion.

From Dog Ear Publishing, To Hold a Rainbow follows The Kámen and The Long Way Home in the World Design Ltd. series.

Quote from an Amazon reviewer of The Long Way Home: “…one could tell while reading it that the author was familiar with the characters and locations from personal travel.”

Quote from an Amazon reviewer of The Kámen: “Could hardly wait for the next books to come out to see what was going to happen and where in the world the characters would go next.”

All three books are available from Amazon and from Barnes & Noble, in perfect bound or in eBook formats.  Direct links:

For more information, please go to the author’s website at

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