March Monthly Dinner

This month’s BAIN dinner will be on Tuesday, March 26.  The event is being organized by Jim Isaacs, our part-time dinner Chairman.

The event will be at restaurante 4141 in Palermo.  4141 has been very highly rated, and was well liked by the BAIN dinner group in a May, 2012 visit.   [So, you might ask: why return to a place where some of us have already eaten, when Buenos Aires has hundreds of excellent options?  Because Jim is still in the United States today, and is organizing this from a distance.  That means working with a restaurant manager he knows!]


Here are the details:

Time: Tuesday March 26, 2013, at 8:45 p.m.

Place: 4141 Restaurante, located at Honduras 4141 (hence the name 4141; this is about 1/2 block from Gascón, in Palermo Viejo).

Cost: $ 150 per person, inclusive of three course meal, one glass of wine (which will probably be augmented without cost), one water or soda, cubierto and tip.

RSVP to Jim Isaacs at

Finally, the menu:

First course (this will be served fairly close to 9 p.m., so that those who need to be at work the next day will not be out too late)

Tomato Soup
Pear, prosciutto and rucula salad

Main Course:

Brisket of beef (a favorite of almost all who have tried it at 4141) with choice of side dishes
Nut and ricotta cheese ravioli
Moroccan chicken


Flan with port sauce
Ice Cream Soda with apples, fennel and parsley (yup, they mean it, and it is good)

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