Mickey Vail plays at La Biblioteca



The date has been changed!  This event will now take place on Wednesday, April 24 – all other details are the same.


Mickey Vail is playing at La Biblioteca Cafe, Marcelo T. Alvear 1155: www.labibliotecacafe.com.ar

Wednesday, April 24, 9:30pm

Reservations 4811 0673 Cover Charge $65 Minimum Consumption $55 Show and Dinner $160 (all in pesos, and BAIN members get 10% off the cover).

Mickey will be working with a trio of Adrian Mastrocola (piano) Tomy Fraga
(guitar) and Federico Palmolella (bass) which is the same makeup as the old
Nat “King” Cole Trio and we will do a number of his songs plus others by
James Taylor, Luiz Bonfa, George Gershwin and more plus an original song
“There Are Times” written by Mastrocola and me.

Come and enjoy the show!

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