June Monthly Luncheon

The Italian Gastronomy event “Mangia che ti fa bene”, in which 25 of the best Italian restaurants in the city will offer lunch and dinner menus at promotional prices, will be held in Buenos Aires from June 21 to June 28, 2013.

Get your taste buds set for Italian food this coming Thursday, June 27!

We will be having lunch about 2 blocks away from the Marriott hotel near Plaza San Martin.

Time:  12.30 pm 

Cost:   100 pesos – includes tip and water or soda, (incluye una botella de vino Saint Felicien de 375 ml para 2 personas).


Please e-mail to reserve a spot with Michael: mweldon213@yahoo.com.  If you are new to BAIN, or would like to join as a guest, let Michael know so that he can provide you with the exact address and location.

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