January Luncheon — January 30

Those of us who are still in the city have a treat coming. We dine this month at Club Danes. This unpretentious Danish restaurant on the edge of Retiro is on the 12th floor of the building that houses the Danish embassy. They took an alternate route to the lowered traffic and are open only for lunch! The view over the river is great.

The menu has four options and includes a beverage plus coffee or tea for 80 pesos. Dessert (a large selection) is an additional 28 pesos. A wide range of open-face sandwiches are about 40 pesos each.

Hoping to see you all on Thursday the 30th.

Time:  12:30
Date: Thursday January 30
Place: Club Danes, L. N. Alem 1074, Piso 12
Phone. 4312-9266

Cost: 40 – 120 pesos depending on choices

RSVP please to Michael at:  mweldon213@yahoo.com
Phone: 4815-4660

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