Colon Tour — August 12, Wednesday, at Noon

Join us Wednesday, August 12  at noon for a tour of the Teatro Colón

RSVP: Jolanda Maltha –

General Admission: AR$ 180,  Argentine Residents presenting DNI: AR$ 60

Meet at 11:45 at the Paseo de Carruajes (Tucumán 1171) where the tour begins and the tour tickets can be bought. The tour lasts approximately 50 minutes.

After the tour we are having lunch at Petit Colón, which is around the corner from the Theater.

The Teatro Colón hides a secret in every single corner of the impressive building. Taking a guided tour of the theater is a dazzling experience that will make you vibrate while getting to know a history of over a hundred years; a history that ennobles both the Argentine and the global culture.

The Teatro Colón’s sublime architecture stands out in every single detail, amazing and captivating its visitors with its flight of stairs, sculptures  and stain-glass windows.

Visiting the Teatro Colón and feeling the magic of its mystical atmosphere in every step is an extraordinary experience that makes visitors feel privileged.

The theater’s marvels, beauty and charm make this guided tour an everlasting memory.


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