Museum and Lunch — November 7 — Palacio de Aguas Corrientes and Edelweiss

RSVP to Joanna Graf,  jsharpegraf

When: Wednesday, Nov. 7th

Lunch: Meeting time  11:50 am,  Zum Edelweiss, Libertad 431. For a total of 600 pesos (including tip and cover charge) we get appetizer, main course (choice of 4), dessert and 1 drink (water, wine, beer or gaseosa). Extra glass of wine is 100 pesos.

Museum: Meeting time 14:15, Palacio de Aguas Corrientes, Riobamba 750,  inside the doors. The free  guided tour in English.  A quirky little museum with pipes and plumbing fixtures — very highly rated.

You can attend the lunch or museum or both. If you wish to do the museum tour you have to respond by Nov. 1 with your document number (DNI or passport  and country of issue) because this is a museum requirement.  For the lunch RSVP on or before Nov. 5th.

RSVP to Joanna Graf,  jsharpegraf

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