Date Change!! Palacio Barolo and Lunch — Wedesday, February 12 — 11 am

We’d love you to join us for a visit to one of the oldest and still most spectacular views of Buenos Aires and lunch.

WHERE: Palacio Barolo & Salon 1923, Avenida de Mayo 1370

WHEN: Wedesday, February 12, from 11-14 [1.5 h tour + lunch]
MEETING POINT & TIME: 10:50 in the center of Palacio Barolo lobby
HOW TO GET THERE: Buses 60, 39, Metro A Saenz Peña
RSVP: +5491136782558 or
PRICE: ARS 1600 to include guided tour in English, lunch with sharing plates at Salon 1923 with a glass of wine, fresh lemonade or soft drink including tip & a Trivia Quiz about this fascinating building.

Designed by Italian architect Mario Palanti for the businessman Luigi Barolo with many allegorical architectural references to classical poet Dante Alighieri´s Divine Comedy, Palacio Barolo is divided into three sections, heaven, hell and purgatory. Departing from hell, we’ll take the stairway to heaven, reaching the dome, which was inspired  by the indian temples Hawa Mahal in Jaipur and Rajarani in Bhubaneswar.

Inaugurated in 1923, the building was the tallest in South America until the construction of the Kavanagh building in 1935. It was also the first reinforced concrete building measuring more than 100 m and is topped by a searchlight which originally was able to communicate with a twin building, the Palacio Salvo, over the other side of the Río de la Plata in Montevideo, Uruguay.The Buenos Aires City Government undertook a restoration of the building in 2010, which included making the searchlight operational again, for the celebration of Argentina’s bicentenary.

Note there is some walking at the end of the tour up to the lighthouse via a spiral staircase.

SALON 1923

Situated on the 16th floor of Palacio Barolo, decorated to recreate a 1920s ambiance, the Salon has two terraces and a lovely lounge.

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