Kahoot!! BAIN DT Monthly Zoom Social — Saturday, May 29, 5 pm


unnamed (12)

Event:  Zoom Meeting – End of the Month Social

Presentation:  Kahoot! Quiz

Time:  Saturday, May 29, 5 pm BA time

What?   It’s not really hard at all — patience!!  You will be glad!!

A BAIN Downtown fun and interactive on-line quiz, hosted by Stephen & Philip (from UK and based in SoHo) as the quiz masters.  It will last 30-40 minutes with additional time for getting up and running on the game.

Before starting you must have access to a SMART cell phone or tablet and a lap top/notebook/MacBook.  Both need to have an active internet connection.  Explanation below.

The quiz will be a mixture of questions — general knowledge, current affairs, history, music, films and sports. And the answers be multiple choice, one word typed answers, or true/false. We will have a couple of sample questions at the beginning, to help us all get on board.


Saturday, 29 May, at 5 pm Argentine time. Use the usual zoom link and password or email tonilin@aol.com and she will send them to you.


The key thing to remember is that for this quiz, the quiz questions appear on your lap top/tablet and then you will enter your answers on a separate phone/ device.

To get started — first download and activate the free “Kahoot !” application on your phone/tablet (use either App Store for Apple or Google Play for Android devices). Please take a little time to do this a day or so before the meeting, so you have the time to deal with any technical glitches. Each person playing will need to download the Kahoot app onto their device. The app will ask you a few basic questions and ask you to create a username nickname – be creative!

Toni will be starting the BAIN zoom video conference in the normal way and you will then see the quiz questions appear as part of the BAIN zoom meeting, in exactly the normal way and then the BAIN May 2021 Quiz fun begins J

Questions – Feel free to contact Stephen on stephen_meechan_uk@hotmail.com 

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