November Luncheon

Place: La Bodeguita del Medio – Andres Arguibel 2851 – Las Canitas 4778-0255
Date: Thursday, November 21, 2013
Time: 1 pm
Cost: 60 pesos plus – depending on what you order
Please RSVP to Michael at:
or phone # 4815-4660

We are going to go to a fairly new Cuban restaurant in Canitas (actually Low Belgrano). The restaurant is the first franchise in South America of a successful chain. They have 4 sites in Mexico,and one each in Checa, Macedonia, Kiev, Beirut and Sydney.

La Bodeguita del Medio is a typical restaurant-bar of Havana (Cuba). It is a famous tourist destination in Havana because of the personalities who have patronized it: Salvador Allende, the poet Pablo Neruda, the writer Ernest Hemingway, the artist Josignacio and many others. La Bodeguita lays claim to being the birthplace of the Mojito cocktail, prepared in the bar since its opening in 1942, although this is disputed.
The lunch special is an absolute bargain. For 50 pesos you get to choose from three different main courses and both water and dessert are included. The full menu is available if you wish to try Cuban food because the lunch special is usually pasta, or chicken, or a salad with meat of some sort – (not very Cuban). Their mojitos are good although a bit expensive at the same price as the meal!
Getting to the restaurant on Andrés Arguibel 2851 entre Arce y Baez  is fairly easy. The following buses stop at the corner of Arevalo y Luis M. Campos (15, 29, 55, 59, 60, 64 and 118) If you proceed down Arevalo to Baez then turn right, Andres Arguibel is the first street on your left. Here is a link to the guia oleo with a map to make it easy.
 It is also only about a 5 block walk from the D line Subte station Ministro Carranza.
The Las Canitas area is making a resurgence. It was extremely popular with the young crowd in the late 1990s and then Palermo became the hot spot. Now there are new restaurants and bars springing up all over Canitas. When you see how easy it is to get there you will probably want to try one of the many spots there for dinner.  On the three-block walk to La Bodeguita del Medio you will pass at least 6 interesting spots.

September Luncheon

The date for the September luncheon is Thursday, September 19. Please note this is a week earlier than we normally have the luncheons.

On Thursday September 19, at 1:00 pm we will have lunch at the Benihana restaurant next to the Alto Palermo shopping center,  Ave. Coronel Díaz y Arenales (one block from Santa Fe), one of our most reliable and enjoyable venues.

Benihana restaurants are traditional Japanese hibachi steakhouses, which feature the Japanese cooking method known as “teppanyaki.”  Your meal is prepared fresh and served by a performing chef, right before your eyes. For a nice writeup on the history of the restaurant visit Our group has dined there previously with great reviews.

You can choose the chicken, steak or shrimp priced at 95 pesos for the chicken or 100 pesos for the other options. This includes soup, salad, water or gaseosa and the main course. Please note that the hibachi chicken rice is an optional extra. If this is offered by the waitress, it is an additional 10 pesos!

Check out their Spanish language site at

Date:          Thursday September 19

Time:         1:00 pm

Place:        Benihana, Coronel Diaz y Arenales

Cost:          95 or 100 pesos depending on menu choice

Please RSVP to secure a place.

August Monthly Luncheon

This month we will be dining at Classica y Moderna, a restaurant that saved an important bookstore from extinction. The bookstore opened in this location in 1938 where it became a nexus of the intellectual community of Buenos Aires. In the early 80’s changes were made that reduced the quantity of books and the open space was turned into a dining room, bar and small stage.  One can easily observe the stately air that helps distinguish ‘Clásica’ as one of Buenos Aires’s ‘Bares Historicos y Notables’. There’s a distinct element that has set this cafe apart from the crowd for the last 75 years!

While this is a protected café notable, the interior has been stripped down to the exposed brick. The brick walls, exposed ventilation, and dim lighting give it the feel of a bluesy back alley where you’re likely to slip into some unmarked door and discover a hidden gem. The walls are adorned with distinctly modern paintings and photographs which are in constant rotation. Decorations overhead include old bicycles and signs. It is a pleasant, relaxed space, where it’s easy to chat.

Pianist Juan Carlos Abitábile,  plays in the cafe every weekday periodically releasing one hand from his keyboard to offer a hardy pat on the back and daily quip to a passing regular. The serenity of the space, the genial and thorough service of the staff and the superb selection of titles in the bookstore blend together to make Clásica a highly welcomed escape from the teeming activity of Buenos Aires. It is a fitting example of the description of a bookstore that Álvaro Abós gave in the book commemorating Clásica’s 70th anniversary: “A bookstore is like a temple where times stops on the threshold, but through which the climate and pulse of the period have to sweep, wild and uncontained as the wind.”

The meal will begin with a visit to the salad bar where you will find a wonderfully creative selection of dishes.  Next a choice of two main courses — one choice will be ñoquis, the other will likely be their superb chicken cazuela.

Dessert will offer a choice of flan, budin or helado.  Please note that water is included but coffee/tea or any wine will be charged additionally.

The 29th of every month is traditionally reserved for eating ñoquis, the Italian pasta/dumpling. People have suggested a simple reason for why this ritual takes place on 29th: being a day before payday, it was often a difficult time as wages would be drying up. Eating ñoquis was a good option as they are extremely cheap to make. Potatoes, flour and a pinch of salt is all you need. As part of the tradition, people put a coin or a banknote under their plate, a superstitious gesture meant to attract wealth for the future.

Interestingly, the word ñoqui has been twisted by Argentine slang and is now also used for a government employee who doesn’t do any work but turns up at the end of the month, around the 29th actually, to pick up his pay check.

Date:        Thursday, August 29

Time:          12:30

Location:     CLASICA Y MODERNA Av Callao 892

Tel  4812-8707 / 4811-3670

Cost:           120 pesos  (this includes water and tip)

RSVP required to:

Tel  4815-4660