October Dinner

For October’s BAIN dinner restaurant Teresa has carefully chosen:

A NOS AMOURS, un bistro Francés en Argentina

located in a non-touristy section of Palermo

Gorriti 4488, esquina Araoz

(1 block off Scalabrini Ortiz Av.)

Date:      Tuesday, October 15

Time:      8:30 pm

RSVP:      tezlg@hotmail.com

This quaint restaurant offers only a few daily specials, written on one large portable chalk board. Another larger chalkboard mounted on the wall,  alongside lovely photographs, displays the well thought-out wine list, filled with hand picked organic wines.  On each table, books of French poetry aid in making the bistro extra classy and extra French.

By popular demand following last month’s BAIN dining experience, dinner will be a la carte with individual checks so each guest may choose their own menu.

Cubierto          $10

Entrees           from $55 to $69

First courses  from $85 to $98

Desserts         $34

Water (to share) 1.5 ltr $22

Wines              from $70 to $110



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