Monthly Dinner — July 8, 2014

This month’s BAIN dinner will be on Tuesday, July 8th.  The event will be organized by Dilya Austin, our new Dinner Coordinator!The event will be in Palermo.  Here are the details:Time: 9.00 p.m.  (the following day, July 9th is a holiday- Independence Day in Argentina)
Place: 4141 Restaurante, Honduras 4141, Palermo
Cost: $ 230 per person, inclusive of a three-course meal, two glasses of wine, soft drinks and water, cubierto and tip.RSVP to Dilya,

First course (this will be served fairly quickly as we have chosen two options to share)
Prosciutto and pear on top of arugula leaves
Hummus with Tzatziki sauce

Main Course, one of these options:
Brisket of beef  with a salad
Squash ravioli with Blue cheese cream
Pork Shoulder and pineapple with mashed potatos  (a favorite of almost all who have tried it at 4141)

Dessert, one of these options
Chocolate mousse
Fruit salad

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